Captain Marvel Trailer!

FeaturedCaptain Marvel Trailer!

So the captain Marvel trailer was released a few days ago. I’m sure most if not all of you would have seen it already unless you were specifically trying to avoid it. I wouldn’t even call it a trailer, not really Continue reading “Captain Marvel Trailer!”


(Spoiler review) Solo: A Star Wars Story

(Spoiler review) Solo: A Star Wars Story

Yet another review for Solo: A Star wars Story. I wonder what the blog version of a hot take is….

My initial thoughts and take away from this film, I enjoyed it. It was a fun sci-fi adventure on the big screen. I’m not a huge Sci-fi fan myself so I wouldn’t pretend to know what key ingredients are absolutely necessary to make a good sci-fi adventure, but as a fan of movies, in general, I’d say this gets a solid pass

However, I think that is the film’s major problem Continue reading “(Spoiler review) Solo: A Star Wars Story”

Black Panther (non spoiler) Review

Black Panther (non spoiler) Review

Finally getting round to it but, here is my review of Black Panther, minus the spoilers.

Overall it’s an amazing movie. I’m really tempted to give it a 9/10 and if I was reviewing it through hype glasses I probably would. No, it’s not a perfect film but it’s really close, as the pre-sale ticket numbers and weekend box office numbers will show

Like most superhero flicks (mainly marvel ones), it has its issues, minor ones but still, they are there. That doesn’t take away from how fresh and original it feels even though it’s the 18th movie in the Marvel cinematic universe (and the 10th specific standalone movie, think Ironman, Captain America: the first avenger, Thor etc) Continue reading “Black Panther (non spoiler) Review”