Spider-man Far From Home…..my hot take

So it was good. Spider-man Far From Home is a really good film. I think it remains consistent with the MCU’s take on Spider-man and the world that they have co-built for him with Sony. Also (for the most part) Peter’s Continue reading “Spider-man Far From Home…..my hot take”

(Spoiler review) Solo: A Star Wars Story

(Spoiler review) Solo: A Star Wars Story

Yet another review for Solo: A Star wars Story. I wonder what the blog version of a hot take is….

My initial thoughts and take away from this film, I enjoyed it. It was a fun sci-fi adventure on the big screen. I’m not a huge Sci-fi fan myself so I wouldn’t pretend to know what key ingredients are absolutely necessary to make a good sci-fi adventure, but as a fan of movies, in general, I’d say this gets a solid pass

However, I think that is the film’s major problem Continue reading “(Spoiler review) Solo: A Star Wars Story”