Spider-man Far From Home…..my hot take

With all the Spider-man 3 news floating about I thought it would be good to dig this out of my drafts and finally post it. So, Spider-man Far From Home. It’s a really good film. I think it remains consistent with the MCU’s take on Spider-man and the world that they have co-built for him with Sony. Also (for the most part) Peter’scharacter has remained consistent with his other outing in this cinematic universe.

You can say the same for his villains (we’ve only seen two so far. Three if you count shocker from Homecoming). These versions of Spidey’s villains are…..

……………SPOILERS BELOW………………………………………………

…..disgruntled blue collar workers who happen to stumble across some impressive technology and just so happen to hate Tony Stark, a lot!

So yea it’s a good film. But I didn’t love it and honesty I don’t know if I even wanted to. Don’t get me wrong Spider-Man is a great hero and in whatever version he’s being presented (even the Garfield version) his values are still well represented. I just don’t love this Spider-man or his world.

You’ve probably already heard the standard complaints, “they’re turning him into the next Ironman”, “they’re all too young”, “this version of Peter isn’t independent enough” etc. My take on all this is that it’s a different version of Spider-Man and because of that the director and actors are allowed to portray that version. They have no obligation to meet mine or anyone else’s expectation of the ideal Spider-Man. On the other hand, fans are also allowed to like/dislike it.

That being said I didn’t hate it. It’s ok. I enjoyed it better than Antman & The Wasp after Infinity War and over that grouping of MCU films it is probably the best one. Anyways I’m resigned to being on the wrong side of history on this one and have already had a few disappointed looks from the people I’ve spoken to about this. I won’t drag this on too much longer as I’m pretty sure I’ve gone past the hot take word count limit.

Would I recommend it? Yea sure why not. You won’t be disappointed, maybe. This is such a confusing non review hot take 😂

Take care everyone