Ready Player One!

#ReadyPlayerOne the (mini) review!

My extremely delayed thought son the film but such is life……

Visually it’s stunning. What we see of the real world and the oasis does draw you in and lets you feel like you’re really experiencing it all….to a degree. The creative designs for the buildings in futuristic Columbus Ohio do well to add to the narrative of people using the oasis as an escape from daily life

Once we do enter the oasis for the first time you can see why. The contrast between that and the real world is very noticeable and at some points it did make me feel like the oasis is a blplace I’d like to visit or at least play as a VR video game. Sadly for me this is where the magic starts and stops. I found d the story, while simple at times, also quite convoluted overall. There wasn’t too much consistency and things seemed quite rushed. I found myself many times trying to find what the stakes are and why the characters in the film cared.

I found the acting to be just ok, with the main character played by The Sheridan to be quite still at times with his delivery and also a bit emotionless. He wasn’t bad but he didn’t carry the film either. The moments of nostalgia which is the unique selling point for this film, I felt energy by way too quickly. You couldn’t enjoy a lot of them or have a chance to enjoy your favourite pop culture character do something cool or fun. We got a lot of iron giant moments which was fun. This may not be the films fault.and could be a licensing issues. Maybe?
Either way I think I fell for the hype (pretty late) and went into this film expecting something much more.

It’s not a bad film but if there’s that much hype the film needs to deliver


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