Tomb Raider

When I saw first saw tomb raider I was very impressed. It loosely followed the story of the recently rebooted tomb raider video game series and Alicia Vikander as Lara CroftI’m definitely convinced I need to see her as a superhero in either the Marvel or DC cinematic universe

So the story basically goes like this, Lara Croft (living in London) has forsaken her family fortune and is determined to make it on her own as an independent member of society. She gets into all sorts of wild misadventures at the start of the film and it seems this is her way of not fully dealing with the passing of her father Lord Richard Croft (played by Dominic West)

Her guardian Ana Miller played by (Kristin Scott Thomas) bails her out of trouble and again tries to convince her to come back to the family estate so that her father’s possessions can be passed on via his will. Lara agrees and in doing so sets herself on the path to her biggest adventure yet

This is definitely a fresh new take on Lara Croft on the big screen. The first version we had was with Angelina Jolie back in 2001 and as enjoyable as it was, it’s focus and specifically its target audience there was quite narrow. This Lara seems more real and down to earth and just happens to be better at somethings. Other things she learns as she fails upwards, so even though there is still an aspect of her being a Mary Sue, it’s a bit more believable

The story is generally fine, but I don’t think they were trying to shoot for anything too spectacular here. I’m sure all the while they were keeping an eye on that infamous “video game movie curse” which probably affected some of their decision making. It’s a generic story of the protagonist being thrown into a crazy situation where they end up saving the world. The antagonist is in it for money or other selfish reasons and there is a build up until they eventually meet and clash

It’s a very enjoyable film and all the cast play their roles very well. In comparison to some of the other big blockbuster action flicks we’ve had this year, Tomb Raider may get lost in the shuffle but it stands up on its own to an extent.

Definitely, recommend giving it a shot if you haven’t. It’s currently out on Blu-ray and DVD

Go watch it, you’ll have a good time. 6/10


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