Game Night

Here is my (late) review for Game Night! This came out in February and if I’m not mistaken was one of the first full comedy movies we had this year.

This is a really funny movie…It has a great cast with an interesting (but not perfect story) Game night will keep you laughing and will genuinely keep you interested in what’s going on

There is good chemistry between the couples involved and especially between the individuals in those couplings and everyone brings something unique and individual to the story without anyone character trying to imitate or overshadow the others

At times the story those tend to stray away from what it does well but always manages to get back on track and that in the end doesn’t totally detract from the experience

Big shout-out to the cast too

Jason Bateman (Max) is funny in pretty much everything I’ve seen him in and he’s no different here. He brings his trademark deadpan very style which is instantly recognisable and for me at least, acts as the backbone of all the comedy in this film

Rachel McAdams (Annie) who isn’t known for her comedy stylings is also pretty funny in this film. She has moments of great comedic chemistry with some of the other cast and at other times is happy to kind of blend in the back and let the comedy Giants do their thing

The cast is awesome and works well together but arguably the standout has to be Jesse Plemons (Gary) the creepy neighbor and not quite friend of the group. From the first moment you seem him he just oozes awkwardness, with tension so think you can cut it with a knife. He has a nice arc through the film and a delightful ending but in terms of comedy, he carries more than his fair share

I give it a solid 6/10, definitely worth the watch. It will be released on digital and blu- ray soon


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