Here’s Venom!

So the Venom movie teaser trailer dropped today…….and it sorta of looks interesting?

First off, this is a very different Eddie Brock to the one I remember (although I’ll admit I’m not too familiar with him even though I’m a Spiderman fan, who grew up on the 90’s Spider-Man the animated series)

From the cartoon series, I got the sense that he (Eddie) was troubled but more because of his belief that Peter Parker was the cause of all his problems. This was also echoed in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 3. This is only a teaser sure so it could all change tone wise and we will for sure get more pieces of the puzzle, but from the teaser, I get the feeling Venom will get a very different origin story

I guess Sony is really going for that “we’re separated from the MCU and Spiderman” angle as this really feels like a totally different universe (maybe somehow connected via multiverse theory?) I really couldn’t see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker fitting in this world too easily, it’s way too dark and grim. It’s would be too obvious to talk about the issues in age difference too so I won’t but you’ve thought about it I’m sure

Jon Campea had a great tweet where he mentioned the “horror/sci-fi thriller vibe” which is spot on. The teaser made it feel more like you’re typical “person possessed by a demon” horror flick rather than a Spiderman spinoff. We still have a lot of time before the film is released and there will love many more trailers giving us a lot more information so nothing to worry about there.

I’ve included the trailer below. What do you think? Are you more or less excited for Venom after watching? Do you think the film will work without Spiderman as the main protagonist?


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