2018 New Year, New Start, New me, New Blog?

Hello and welcome,

So as most of you are already doing, I’m going to try and get more serious with my blog in order to see how far I can go with it. It is actually not as easy as I thought to just sit down and start writing about something, at least without proper planning first (big facepalm moment there)

So I need to focus on an area I know at least a little about and have some passion for, also which I can also easily access information on. For me that’s movies and TV shows (specifically in the superhero “genre” but also in the wider area of TV and film) I have a cineworld card which needs to be used as it’s being paid for every month, so this should be the very much needed incentive for me to get up and go see more films. Any and all films, the good the bad and the ugly (see what I did there? 😅)

So that’s it, just a quick update. I’ll aim to post at least once a week but should be more active on my Instagram and Twitter. I’m also Trying out a new name for the blog (and possibly eventually podcast and YouTube channel). I’m currently dancing around the name “FilmzNThingz” but that could change (and maybe should?)

Anyways, stay awesome and I’ll see you soon


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